PS Action to Create a Layer Mask and call Mask AI


Here is a downloadable PS Action that you can import and run before invoking Mask AI. Remember this should just be used to create a Layer Mask from the base layer and pass that to Mask AI. The Action Group is called MaskAI and the action to run is called ReUse Mask.

Just import the action into the action panel in PS.

Download Link: Dropbox - File Deleted

Note: Created and tested on CS6 Win 10


We users are acting like Dressing Station for Topaz malformed products!!! LOL :slight_smile:

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I am not familiar with PS scripting or actions so perhaps this is a dumb question, but is there any way to incorporate the actual call to Mask AI in an action? I tried both using a keyboard shortcut and selecting the plugin using the mouse and neither worked.

I assume it can be done in a script, but then I have to take a week or so to learn how to script PS and it does not seem worth the trouble if there is a way to add it to a simple action.

It is in the Action that you can download … Creates the layer, a blank mask and then invokes Mask AI.

I asked because, on my system, it created the layer and the mask, but did not invoke Mask AI. I will download it again and try again.


I downloaded it again and now it does all of the work. I don’t know why it did not fully function before but it does now. Thank you.

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The link you give does not work. Can you explain or repost with instructions? Thank you.

Its unnecessary now as the Preferences give you the options: