Mask AI not Opening from PSCC

I’ve downloaded the action a couple of times (Windows 10 PS CC 2019) and it is not working. I am unable to use the Plugin to open the image in Mask AI. Any suggestions?

It isn’t a plug-in it is a Action (.ATN) file that needs to be imported into the Action Panel.

Then before running the Action make sure the base layer of the image you are sending to Mask AI is selected.

Yes, I realize that. The action adds a layer with a mask but doesn’t open Mask AI. When I try using Mask AI as a plugin, that doesn’t work either.

Do you get an error message?

When running the action I get an error message saying “The command Topaz Mask AI” is not currently available".

When trying to use Mask AI as a plugin, I do not get an error message. It opens Mask AI but not the image.

Did you run Mask AI as a standalone first? If not exit PS and run Mask AI as a standalone.

I have successfully run Mask AI as a standalone a number of times.

Did you wait about 10-15 seconds? I use Mask AI in Ps CC 2019 (Win PC) and it takes that long for the image to load into the plugin for that product for some reason.

I eventually get an error message saying Mask AI has stopped.

If you click on anywhere in the Mask AI window does it go into a not responding state, eg like this?


If so just wait it will eventually open. It’s a known bug.

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Okay, I’ll try again.

To Don’s point… that’s the same screen I see that takes forever to load. It doesn’t speed things up, but sometimes it helps to just click once on the blue “Open” button. It seems to wake up the import process…

Yay! got it to work! Thanks!