ProRes Quicktimes not encoding properly 5.0.1

  1. The bug / behavior you have encountered:

So far all of the long for quictimes I’ve modeled and encoded they are not able to open up in Avid or Adobe Media Encoder, adobe says something along the lines of “source compression type is not supported”

Avid gets stuck in a loop trying to link the clip and won’t process it.

In QuickTime on the OS it’s taking a very long time to load. Seems like something maybe wonky in the header?

I’ve tried the new 4444xq and the 422hq which was working flawlessly for me in the last version (644.4 KB)

  1. Your system profile:
    Mac Pro Apple M2 Ultra
    24 cores/60 cores - 192RAM
    OS 14.3.1

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Thanks for the report! This is fixed in the 5.0.2 update that just went live.

Hey Tony,

After several new tests, Avid and Adobe Media Encoder are still not able to open Quicktimes from 5.0.2

Thanks, (1.3 MB)