Progress bars out of whack

VEAI 3.3.10, processing Interlaced to Progressive using Dione Dehalo 2x FPS. Input is 576 lines @25fps.

When processing the Export As file, the progress bar for the Output panel item progresses at twice the speed of the progress bar of the main monitor section. That is, at 50% progress (main monitor progress bar), the Output panel item progress bar has reached 100% and says 0s remaining, and stays there for the second half of the export.

Export otherwise completes normally.

Likely to be caused by the ongoing issue of Topaz calling 50 FIELDS per second the same as 50 FRAMES per second (they are not: an interlaced field is HALF a frame).

Can you share a quick screen recording?

It sounds like the issue is that the preview purple bar and the progress bar are not in synch, is that correct?

After upgrading to v3.4.0 the problem remains. Converting Interlaced to Dione Dehalo X2 FPS in this case for example, here’s the Export timeline showing 50% done, while the viewer timeline says 25% done.

And here’s the Export timeline showing nearly 100% done, while the viewer timeline (correctly) shows about 50% done. After the Export timeline reaches stating 100%, it stays there while the second half of the clip is processed. Outputs produced and saved as expected.

And here’s the progress bars in agreement around 50% when using Dione NOT X2.

I.e. The Export progress bar is NOT taking into account that it is in fact producing TWICE AS MANY FRAMES output as input. (Input is 25fps interlaced, which is 50 FIELDS per second, not 50 FRAMES per second (a FIELD is half a FRAME).

Thank you Neil! We will be looking into this.

On some videos, the progress is misleading and the time will reach 0s and progress 100% but it’s clear that the processing is still ongoing. In the screenshot provided you can see this. Note how the fps indicator still shows the processing rate and the timeline on the video preview indicates the real position of the processing within the video.

Can confirm this, but it seems to be confined to processing interlaced to double framerate. I guess the time estimate calculations are thrown off by the frame doubling. Hadn’t noticed this previously, but then I very rarely process any interlaced footage.

Sounds like a good theory to me.

@alanhusband-677420 & @betyouaint Are you both experiencing this issue with v3.3.3.10?

Yes, and it’s the same on the latest beta v3.4.0.0.

Preview and export show the same behaviour.

Do the files ever finish? What I noticed with another user is that the exported file was corrupt when this occurred.

Can you share your logs?

In my case the file export always finishes and they playback normally. The completion percentage in the UI just reaches 100% when it’s about halfway through processing. This only happens when processing interlaced content to double framerate.

Thank you!