Program says Cannot process my video?

I have a video that I just exported from Premier. There is no audio. The clip H.264 1920x1080 @ 23.976 fps.

When I try to apply frame interpolation to make it 2x slow mo, I get an error asking that I “highlight the input video and set the correct settings.”

I cannot understand WHY this is happening. Before this began I had processed a similar video to slow it by 2x. As far as I can tell I have not changed anything.

I’m running Mac OS 13.4.1, and Premier is v4.2.1

2024-04-19-12-15-41-Main.tzlog (82.5 KB)

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Looks like an issue with the file name when you are labeling it. Try shortening the file name and making sure that the format extension is being applied.

Oh. Interesting. Will try that. Thank you.

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