Program keep crashing and now make my PC blue screen

First of all i really like your program, But after recent update program keep crashing after put more than 1 img, it start with ~20 pic then crash after put 100 pic in program this is before 1.3.5 i think, after update to 1.3.6 it start decrese to 2-3 pic then crash, now just happen 5 mins ago, I try to use autopilot for only 3 img, but when it said ‘scanning image’ around 70-80% it crash and make my PC blue screen, this is the only program i open in my PC

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. topaz photo AI 1.3.6
  2. Try to auto detect and upscale 3 pic but got blue screen
  3. DxDiag.txt (104.5 KB)
    4.I don’t know what is log so i put every files in that folder here
    2023-06-06-17-01-48.tzlog (269.4 KB)
    2023-06-06-17-08-41.tzlog (10.7 KB)
    2023-06-06-17-04-2.tzlog (12.2 KB)
    2023-06-06-17-03-25.tzlog (10.1 KB)
    2023-06-06-17-02-59.tzlog (10.1 KB)
    2023-06-06-17-01-15.tzlog (131.3 KB)
    2023-06-06-17-00-56.tzlog (23.3 KB)
    2023-06-06-16-56-31.tzlog (12.5 KB)
    2023-06-06-16-51-38.tzlog (12.5 KB)
    2023-06-06-16-48-4.tzlog (15.9 KB)

Topaz Photo AI [v1.3.6] on [Windows]

Update to version 1.3.8
put only one image try to use auto pilot crash and blue screen again
2023-06-09-20-34-55.tzlog (12.2 KB)
2023-06-09-20-31-48.tzlog (15.9 KB)

Let’s try rolling your graphics driver to a previous version. The latest version may have issues.

Please download and run the below installer which is the latest NVIDIA Studio driver. When installing, select Custom Installation > Clean Install. Then reboot your computer after the driver installs.

Let me know what happens after doing this.

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