Processing time Photo AI V.3.0.0

Extreme processing time for a simple JPG picture, size approx 5 Mb
Autodetection job sharpen, manually upscale 2 x
Processing stucks at the end and finished after about 20 minutes.

Prozessor AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 4650G with Radeon Graphics 3.70 GHz
Installierter RAM 16,0 GB (15,3 GB verwendbar)

Systemtyp 64-Bit-Betriebssystem, x64-basierter Prozessor

Edition Windows 11 Pro

Version 23H2
Installiert am ‎21.‎02.‎2023
Betriebssystembuild 22631.3447
Leistung Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22688.1000.0

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In Photo AI under Edit/Preferences what is the AI Processor set to? It should be to your GPU, rather than Auto or CPU.

I have also found that the recommended RAM in your system should be at least 32GB and better yet 64GB (my system has 256GB).

Many thanks for the quick response.
Switch over from Auto to graphics processor solved the problem.
Additionally i will upgrade my system to 64 Gbyte RAM soon.

This update (v3) is really heavy for my MacBook Pro M1 16Go RAM - I can not use the brush. Real issue…
And there is no possibility to add RAM in Silicon Macs.
So, I downgrade to Topas Photo AI V2. and it’s works fine.
Topaz Team - I think, you must think consider this if you want to have clients for your super software that I really like and use all the time… :wink:

No issue for me on an M1 16GB. Try deleting the .plist files associated with TPAI. Some users have reported they can be an issue.

I don’t know how to find them :frowning_face:

And in TPAI Preferences, just to be sure, select Apple M1 as your processor.

Thank you for advice!
I was searching for .plist associated with TPAI and did’t found one.
M1 is selected as my processor.
When I manipulate brush to refine the selections (Denoise or Sharpen), it’s like I have a tank hanged on it.
But the major problem, in my case, it’s new update (v2) of my Nikon Z8 and Topaz doesn’t consider it yet - Topaz changes drasticly the colours when it opens the RAW file. Only v2.0.1 works normally. :expressionless:

As explained in the link I sent, the plist files are in the Preferences folder in your Library. Hold down the option key in the Go menu in the Finder to reveal the Library and then open it and navigate to Preferences.

Once deleted, with TPAI closed, they will regenerate when TPAI is opened next.

Thank you - I found .plist, deleted it, but… nothing changed - impossible to use regular brush for selection - I click and wait des seconds to see the result. To draw a straight brush stroke - it’s very long to react - unusable. I’ll be waiting for new update for this numb behavior and for the color for my Z8. And for this - downgradeto 2.0.1

Thank you for your time!