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According to your DxDiag.txt file, your issue seems to be similar to mine, as I also use an NVIDIA GeForce RTX card (yours is 3070, and mine is 3060).

By any chance, we’re you using a different video card when it was working fine?

EDIT: From looking at the logs, it actually seems your issue is different from mine.
You might be trying to saving at a location where you don’t have the permissions to.
Have you tried running Topaz Video AI as an administrator?

Look, after seeing your message "You may be trying to save to a place that doesn’t have permission. I yesterday after using, me a folder where everything should be saved. Now I put it back, and oh my god it’s working.
Partially the problem is solved, now I will think why I do not have permission to save in that way

YOU ARE HIRED :slight_smile:

I am now glad and very angry at the same time. At myself that during these 5-6 hours in search of a solution to the problem, I did not guess to put the directory path back

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