Process priority problem

Even if I set the process priority to low, it always returns to normal.

I have the same issue, which is silly. why is the option to select priority if it doesn’t even work? right? also encountered these, just to name a few.

  1. Batch Export Limitation: When selecting multiple videos for export, the ‘Export As’ option becomes unavailable. This restriction prevents me from batch exporting to a different HDD, which is crucial for reducing stress on the drive containing the original footage.
  2. Queue Priority Ineffectiveness: Adjusting the priority level for the rendering queue (high, highest, etc.) doesn’t seem to affect the processing order. Videos continue to render in the order they were added to the queue, regardless of the priority setting.
  3. Selection Difficulty in Queue: It’s not possible to select multiple files within the queue using the mouse or any method. This makes canceling multiple files cumbersome as I have to cancel each individually or clear the entire queue and start from scratch.
  4. In-App Before/After Comparison: Finished clips do not display a before/after comparison within the app, instead opening in QuickTime Player. An in-app comparison feature would be more convenient for assessing the quality and details of the enhancements.
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