Preview Render not working

After the latest update, regardless of settings, when I attempt to render a preview it will not do anything at all, it looks the same as the original. Previews do work when INSTANT RENDER is turned on.

Exporting the video still works as per normal but I would like to not have it instantly render

edit: after testing again even auto render is not working after a couple times

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this happened to me too but only for the initial first frame of the preview. when i move forward at least one frame it suddenly works

That doesn’t fix it for me unfortunately. It was fine before this update.

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Getting the same issue if I lower the stuff involved, the most powerfull your setting is, the less the problem occurs. It looks like the app. send badly interrupt if you touch anything when it has not fully done the rendering of the initial frame.

I’ve got it, if I move cursor of change parameter too fast.
So … I save many times settings, beacuse it leads to crash at a moment or another.

The “Instant rendering” do mass hickup on CPU+GPU load than make the app. unstable, to my mind.

The hardware is not in cause, beacuse I can fully do an export that last at least 10h.

Yep - same with me. Also when I export a video it randomly doesn’t show the progress bar sometimes. Topaz - get your act together! It’s unacceptable to plug us with this upgrade, and then give us this buggy update that you still haven’t fixed.

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