Preview Not Allowed

I have been using Topaz Video AI since before it had a GUI so I am not a newbie.

System is AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core 128GB RAM Graphics is RTX 3090 Windows 10 Pro.

On the last update, Preview is greyed out. It doesn’t matter what kind of processing or preset, Preview is not an option for Screen 2 - only the original. The processing appears to work, but I can’t see the Preview to adjust parameters before.

Just two other comments off topic:

  • It would be nice if one could temporarily pause processing. Sometimes system is getting too hot or fans are too loud. Pausing processing temporarily would be nice.
  • Better method of throttling processing would be nice. Currently, I have to use other software to keep software from overheating my RAM. Yes, I know there is the option in Preferences to place limits but they don’t particularly work. I have power PC with liquid cooling for the CPU and GPU, RAM fans, 5 case fans, etc. RAM temps will go over 100 DegC if I don’t keep an eye on it and if the RAM overheats, it shuts down the computer.

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