Preview is stuck on Loading Model, but pc is being used

  1. Since a few versions ago, a bug has shown up, you adjust your settings, and press Preview, sometimes it get’s stuck on Model Loaded, but there is something happening in the background, i can hear my pc working, sometimes it does start working on the Preview, but it goes where it like normally takes 9 seconds for a 5 second preview, to like a hour! The only way to remedy this, is to remove the group and press Preview again, and it will work like normal again, a 5 second preview will take 9 seconds again. I was hoping this would be fixed in the latest update, but so far no luck. This happens on all models, various type of video resolutions, file format, etc…
  2. System: AMD Ryzen 9 - 5900x, Radeon RX 7800 XT, 32 GB RAM, Windows 10 (fully updated).
  3. Log file: 2024-04-21-00-27-26-Main.tzlog (2.1 MB)
  4. no screenshot

Have you used the Model Manager under the File tab to ensure that all models are pre-downloaded to your system?

Yes, the same issue keeps happening even with pre-loading the models.

Can you send the updated logs to the support team at

Email with the updated logs has been send in!

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There was to be a fix in the latest update, but it did not fix this issue, it actually made it worse, a new log has been send in.

I discovered, when i choose CPU in the options, the preview option doesn’t work, when i switch to GPU, it does, but uses it almost 100%, even when limiting the videocard in the options.

How are you viewing the usage numbers? Which app are you using?

The simple Windows Task Manager and AMD Adrenaline software.

Try using GPU-Z as it can usually get a better read on usage in real-time.