Preview dies midway

DxDiag.txt (98.0 KB)

Preview is broken again. Or still broken? (since I started encoding to 60 FPS). Around halfway through, Preview simply stops functionig. You can seek all you like, but frame will stay locked at last position you examined. With no way to revitalize Preview again (like disabling/reenabling or some such).

N.B. I wanted to attach my logs, with ‘Get Logs For Support’, but guess what? Forum won’t let you upload .gz files! And if you try and zip the logs manually, you can’t, as TVAI has the last log locked. Brilliant.

We’re working on an updated preview player that should help with this. No firm ETA but it’s top 3 on our priority list along with model quality and performance.

While I know it’s not the most convenient, in the meantime you could preview by opening the previews/exports in an external player by double-clicking them in the Output list.

(I’ve also whitelisted .gz extensions for upload.)