Preset Not Saving After Next Launch of Application (issue resolved)

Used save as preset function.
Upscale, low resolution settings.

Saved the preset and the JSON is in the Preset folder, but preset never is in the menu to use and I cannot select any of the presets I created ( 2 ).

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

Screenshot 2024-07-02 202321
2024-06-28-14-50-23.tzlog (372.1 KB)
2024-06-28-15-11-43.tzlog (30.9 KB)
2024-07-02-20-02-23.tzlog (170.0 KB)
2024-07-02-20-11-44.tzlog (443.1 KB)
2024-07-02-20-16-43.tzlog (70.4 KB)

Are the Preset options present when you click on Add Enhancement for the image you are working with while using Topaz Photo AI?

Here is a screenshot example of where to find this option:

Yes, they are there. Last time i used it they were in the context menu when I right clicked. Must have been in the update notes and I just didn’t see them. thanks for pointing that out!

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