Preserving and Sharpening Text

[Please describe your idea and how it wouldI bought Topaz Photo AI 1.4.1 specifically for the Preserve Text feature. It works sometimes, but in this example it didn’t and the sharpen, deblur, noiseless did nothing to improve this photo either, but the Supersharp in Luminar Neo was able to recover the text so it was readable after upscaling. So the Sharpen feature needs improved.

Upscaled 4x, Sharpened, Noiseless, Preserve Text all on but no improvement to photo


Supersharp in Luminar Neo at both Low, Medium and Max are equally improved.

Thanks for reaching out. It looks like you have Subject Only toggled on. This means only the subject mask is sharpened.

Please toggle it off to sharpen the entire image. You can also increase the strength to improve the sharpening effect.

Let me know if that gets a more acceptable result.

I had subject on and masked just the house and the net. The house contains the sign. I tried all the sliders on both minimum and maximum. Maybe trying to sharpen something far away and close up at the same time was too much for it.

I turned Subject Off which I had tried, but you have to get the Strength at just the right level. It makes the sign legible, but it looks like chalk or carved in with a knife. I’ll see if adjusting Contrast etc… in Neo will make it look like what I got using Neo Smartsharpen.

Applying the same settings and colorizing it’s not quite as good, but it’s closer to where I started.

Topaz Photo AI Sharpening
Screenshot 2023-07-20 152337 Topaz Sharpening Subject Turned Off_Neo Adjustments_colorizing

Luminar Neo Sharpening
Screenshot 2023-07-20 161220 Neo Sharpening Adjustments Colorizing

The Preserve Text currently does not model motion blur. As such the best result will be from activating Sharpening filter, and possibly with Strong model selected.

If you are trying to improve the text, you can use the Preserve Text filter.

Sharpening does not retain text well and possibly alters it to be unrecognizable.

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