Preserve Text with other enhancements is less effective in v3

I am unable to get crisp edges to my text. Clearly I am doing something wrong but I am unsure what.


Hi phunkidude-57854. Welcome to the community.

It looks like you haven’t selected the Text to enhance, you can do this within the Selection Tab next to the Controls Tab.

Here’s a link to the Topaz Photo AI help page

Hope this helps

Yeah I selected it

I have shared this Preserve Text issue with the Development Team to look into fixing this issue in a future release. In the meantime you can use the previous stable version of v2.3.2 using the following link:

Topaz Photo AI | v2.3.2 | MacOS Installer

Thanks John but v2.3.2 is still ineffective

I think there has been a fundamental misunderstanding of what Preserve Text does (in the versions where it works prior to v2.4). It’s for text shape preservation during upscaling, not for smoothing text in an image that isn’t being upscaled, or has been poorly upscaled previously.