Please change Interface

Besides all the complaints about the new version 2.4, one change is really annoying:
When I want to edit an adjustment, the tools expand on the left and cover the image.
Anyone who has changed this has never worked with the program.
What’s the point if the editing tools cover what I want to edit?
Please change it back:
The tools appear under the adjustment without covering the image.

Just take the tool and place it where you want to.

Thanks very much for the hint.
I didn’t think that this would work because of the design.
The problem now is:
I have to do this every time now.
Every time I want to edit something, I have to move the tool window first.
Or is there also a hidden option for remembering the position?
Or best:
The default position is under the processing like before.

And TPAI remembers the position, you have nothing to do, just use it, cool thing, like with capture one.

Hm, true again, but unfortunately not always.
First, it seems to save the position for each image separately.
Second, there is a strange connection with the section of the image. When I move the section, the tool window position is reset (Tool window open at a new place, moving the section to show another part of the image, close and open the tool window and it is again at default position)

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