Please allow me to invoke Gigapixel fom Lightroom and/or Photoshop

As a standalone, Gigapixel is an orphan … it needs to allow round trip from both LR and PS, and probably also Studio.


I see it the same way!

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As well as any other workflow tool that allows calling external editors.

I tried this from Dxo’s PhotoLab with, of course, the result that GigaPixel started but would not load the specified image.

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Unfortunately Photoshop requires that the returned image is the same size as the one sent, which could be a bit of a problem with Gigapixel.

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@PaulM … I believe that restriction is true only when invoking a plug-in as a “filter”, as it should be. Filters need to stay within the size boundaries of the source image.

Having said that, I regularly use Alien Skin Blow Up and On1 Resize. From Photoshop, but not as “filters” (they are not provided as “filters”). I invoke them as follows…

… File > Automate > Alien Skin Blow Up 3…
… File > Automate > ON1 Resize 10…

Since there is always further touch up work to do to perfect a resized file for print, particularly if the resizing is significant (every resizer disturbs sharpening, noise reduction, and possibly certain colours or gradients, etc.). I typically do resizing through Photoshop as above so that I can smoothly move on to such work.

However, resizing of images can also be accomplished from Lightroom … (it is advised to make a copy of the subject image first, as Lightroom will allow the resizing software to permanently modify any image it sends to it) …

… Photo > Edit In > Alien Skin Blow Up 3
… File > Plug In Extras > ON1 Resize 10

I rarely use this workflow because, as mentioned above, every resized file requires further PS work to perfect it for print.

Both of these resizers can be used in a standalone mode, but it tends to be rather awkward to do so. Thus it is preferred to work through an interface like LR or especially PS as a preferred workflow.

I will be delighted if the Photoshop integration is provided for Gigapixel, and moderately happy (but not delighted) if the Lightroom integration is also provided.

And then, of course, the work can be accomplished directly …

… in Photoshop: Image > Image Size…

… in Lightroom: File > Export…

(the latter will down size images fairly well, but I’ve never tried to up-rez a file using LR Export … not sure if it will produce a viable result, but you’re welcome to try, if you wish).

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> Photoshop requires that the returned image is the same size as the one sent

If you are referring to the pixel size I think that this is incorrect. For example I can load a 5184 x 3888 raw image into PS, send it to the Dxo ViewPoint plugin (using the Filter functionality, not the Automation functionality), crop the image as I wish and return it to Photoshop. The returned image is then a different size than the original, and I do not believe that ViewPoint relies on the Automation functionality behind the scenes. As far as I know it is a true plugin.

I know that I can do this as I have tried, but if you were referring to something other than the pixel size, I apologize.

@MikeFromMesa @Marty0702 Thank you both for putting me right. So much still to learn…

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+1 for this functionality too

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I would like this functionality as well.

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I would love this to work in Photoshop but also in TS adjustments for batching with our TS filters.

I added a similar (same?) rewuest yesterday. So yes please bring Gigapixel to Photoshop, Lightroom, Studio etc…

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I know Gigapixel AI is a standalone product, but I manage ALL my picture in Lightroom.
So it would be great to do this with the Gigapixeled pictures too.
right now I must export them as TIF, launch Gigapixel AI manual and navigate to the export folder.
Than I must manualy open the picture Gigapixel it and export it with a new name, so I have too big sized TIF files on my harddrive. Than manualy import the new TIF in Lightroom and delete the Lightroom TIF.
A better way would be a function to export the picture out of Lightroom into Gigapixel AI, with Gigapixel auto start and automaticly open the picture. As export Gigapixel AI should overwrite the original and Lightroom will import the Gigapixeld one automaticly too.
Do you think this would possible in future?


I too would like to see Gigapixel been called via Photoshop. It would work better with people’s workflow. I don’t think any of the Topaz Gigapixel customer base would disagree.

Please Topaz, please look at this urgently.

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Digging this thread up… I’m doing a trial of Gigapixel (already own DeNoise and Sharpen) and the fact that you can’t launch an image into Gigapixel direct from Lightroom is a HUGE pain… I hope the developers are looking at this. Thanks!

The issue here is that you are not able to resize a particular image and have it re-imported into Lightroom or any other product such as Photoshop etc. What you can do is export your image, run it through GigaPixel and then place it back in a folder that you can synchronise.

I’d be OK, if you could at least have Giga open a file direct from Lightroom… Then I could re-synchronize, but now… you have to go searching and searching for the file to open it…

I have been struggling all day with this, googled it a few times, landed here. +1 for this as a feature, de-noise is used a lot in my workflow, but if I can’t fit this one in, seems silly having it. Maybe I got too excited in its purchase.

I have used both Exposure (aka Alien Skin) Blow UP and On1 Resize to do just that. The Topaz programmers need to do get out of their cubicles and do some research to make it happen.

Give Adobe a call … never know, they just might have an answer for you.

Sorry … my above post refers to the information that AI Don posted in 3 above.

no worries :slight_smile: its ok to be passionate