Why not export to Gigapixel AI?

I know Gigapixel AI is a standalone product, but I manage ALL my picture in Lightroom.
So it would be great to do this with the Gigapixeled pictures too.
right now I must export them as TIF, launch Gigapixel AI manual and navigate to the export folder.
Than I must manualy open the picture Gigapixel it and export it with a new name, so I have too big sized TIF files on my harddrive. Than manualy import the new TIF in Lightroom and delete the Lightroom TIF.
A better way would be a function to export the picture out of Lightroom into Gigapixel AI, with Gigapixel auto start and automaticly open the picture. As export Gigapixel AI should overwrite the original and Lightroom will import the Gigapixeld one automaticly too.
Do you think this would possible in future?


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