Playback in slow motion and no audio

Hello, I will start with a disclaimer that I’m new to Video AI.
I have loaded a H265 4K recording and the playback is in slow motion and without audio.
Is this the normal behavior? I have just started using this program and don’t know what to expect.
I have updated to the latest 4.1.2 and my system configuration is as follows:
Windows10 Pro
CPU: i9-13900
memory: 128G
video card: GeForce RTX-4070 TI 12G

Thank you in advance for you feedback.

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There is no audio on preview and yes the preview of video will be “slow” on rendering.
Once the render has completed you can play the preview at normal speed.

It plays the original (left side) and the supposed processed video (right side) at slow speed. All changes are disabled for the right side and plays also at same slow speed.

I’ll correct my last as I’ve been flipping thro a few versions lately and 4.1.2 does indeed playback at about 40% speed even after rendering has finished.

Thank you very much for your answer.
The thing that is frustrating for me is that even the original plays at slower speed.

I have downgraded to 4.1.1 and I see the same slow speed playback, even of the original video.

I went down to version 3.5.4 and I see the same issue.
I used a stopwatch timer on the phone and started it at the same time with the playback of the video. While the video timer showed that it played 40 seconds of the video, the actual stopwatch showed 60 seconds had passed. This is ridiculous, 50% slower playback of the original, I’m not talking about post processed video output.

After digging more into this, a 1080p video shows no slow playing. The problem is only on a 4k H265 video. I wonder if Topaz uses these formats when testing their releases.
And is not cause by my system. I have a top of the line i9-13900 with 128G DDR5 memory with GeForce 4070 Ti video card.

im even getting slow motion using VLC to watch previews that topaz is too stubborn to play

@rioan28 yeah my specs are also basicly as good as it gets for a consumer class setup and im having preview issues, random crashing and other nonsense… its starting to drive me nuts. Now my only option for at least half of my clips is to use VLC to watch previews so no comparison but they also playback in slowmo… sigh

Try running your 4090 stock.
I cannot run my 4070 undervolt with TVAI.

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