Pink noise when loading a Panasonic .rw2 file (Lumix S5 Mark2)

When attempting to open a photo shot in .rw2 format with Panasonic Lumix S5 Mark 2, all I get is a screen full of pink noise. LibRaw lists the Panasonic S5 as compatible for raw formats.
Version PhotoAI 1.3.7, stand alone version
2023-06-05-19-45-35.tzlog (79.6 KB)
DxDiag_after_driver_update.txt (129.6 KB)
P1027401.RW2 (26.3 MB)

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I was very pleased to see an available update to Photo AI 1.3.8 with added support for Panasonic Lumix S5II. After updating and rebooting, the issue as described above has unfortunately not been resolved: Imported rw2 files still look like in my initial post.

@thomas.hofen thanks for uploading those files.

I’ve documented this bug for my team to take a look at and see if we can find a solution so we can properly support this camera type.

In the meantime, I would convert the RW2 file to a DNG. The converted DNG files should open no problem. You can convert to DNG using Adobe DNG Converter:

Thanks for your patience.

Thank you for your suggestion, Tim.

Per your recommendation, I have found a temporary work-around in the Lumix manual: RAW files from this camera can be converted with the free version of SILKYPIX to TIFF (SILKYPIX Developer Studio SE Version)) and then imported into Topaz Photo AI.

SILKYPIX gave me better conversion results compared to Adobe DNG Converter.

However, it would be much faster to have a direct import option into Topaz. Will stay tuned.

Thanks for sharing the workaround. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we create a permanent in-app solution for you.

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This file is currently unsupported as the camera was released in January 2023. It can take a while for the Raw to be supported as we need Libraw to add support first.

For now, convert it using Adobe DNG Converter or SILKYPIX.

I’m having the same issue. I just upgraded after seeing this on the release notes for 1.3.8:

Added camera support for the following: Panasonic DC-S5M2

I’m not sure why you’d say you need to wait for Libraw to add support if this was indeed a feature you’ve added. I’m feeling slightly cheated after having upgraded for a feature that apparently doesn’t exist.

Please send me a file from this camera so I can take a look at the behavior.

You can securely submit your image(s) to my Dropbox using the link below. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.
Dropbox File Request

Raw files use different compression methods based on the camera model. A Canon R5 and R7 may not be opened the same way. In this case, the Lumix S5 Mark1 and Mark2 have different Raw files.

This means that we need to check each new camera model to see if we can open it using LibRaw first as we do not have this capability fully in-house. If it does not open correctly, then we need LibRaw to update it first.


I just uploaded one file from my S5 Mark2.


Oh I see. The v1.3.8 release notes listed this Panasonic camera as supported. However it seems that was a mistake as the camera is not supported.

I just went to Libraw, then to RawDigger. Supported Cameras | RawDigger. It shows the Panasonic DC-S5II as supported.
Libraw states this " if our RawDigger announced at our blog, News | RawDigger, supports the camera / format, that’s because LibRaw supports it."
Any chance this will make Topaz work with the S5II raws soon?

We received information about a new version yesterday that seems to include this camera. We will be working on integrating it into the application soon.

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The Lumix G9 Mark2 has the exact same issue.

Any update on this?

Upgraded to an S5ii from my S5 and now I’m dead in the water on using Topaz in my post workflow…pretty disappointing this has been open for nearly a year. The dependency on a third party library and a “sorry we can’t help” is pretty disappointing for paid software when this camera has been out for quite some time.

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