Photo Roadmap Update (Dec 2022)

the face detection frame is definitly not at the expected place.

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I hope this ‘roadmap’ of new features delivers the much needed improvements, because the current version is terrible. look at the jaggies in this image. this is with the sharpen switched OFF. The original image is a RAW file.

Gigapixel beta has no such problems, zero jaggies.

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i have located the cause of the jaggies in Photo Ai. It is not the sharpen tool, it is the Noise reduction tool that is causing the horrendous jagged lines.

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Hi There. I recently had a thought. Would it be possible to facilitate a *.PSD export option in PhotoAI to give a user the option of saving a 2-layered image where the top layer would be the fully enhanced layer but the bottom layer would contain a copy that would essentially be just the denoised or even slightly softened version. This would allow the user more discretion in choosing where to use detail emphasis in the image during final editing.
It’s a great product by the way. I’m getting lots of worthwhile usage out of it.
Best regards all.
Andrew Royle

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What???!!! This changes everything. Whoa. Thank you!!

I’d like to see a new UI for toggling autopilot settings that allows you to propagate changes to all open images. Currently if I have say 50 images open and want to change an autopilot setting, I have to change the setting, close all the images and re-open them or they won’t have the new setting. This is tedious.


Find myself using PAI as a finishing step in a lot of my edits. Can mask the sharpening to be where I want it and I find it better than doing it manually. Usually don’t have much noise when I do this.

Improve the batch processing workflow - command line and hot folders will be much appreciated !

this is from a canon 5d raw cr2 file. Getting very strong jaggies when the noise reduction is switched on.

Please, add subject mask export Aka Mask AI.

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DPX: Digital Moving-Picture Exchange.

DPX format for * Improve the batch processing workflow a 10 bits
Free royalties Kodak .

I really like Topaz Photo AI, but one change could really improve my workflow. When I want to send my RAW photos in batch mode to Photo AI, I want it to apply my Lightroom changes BEFORE it does its noise reduction and sharpening. It doesn’t, but it needs to.

Until I do some cropping and LR adjustments, I don’t know if a picture is going to make my short list of good images. So I don’t want to run everything through Photo AI until I know if it is going to be one of my good images or not.

This is REALLY important. In some cases, converting my 56MB RAW file to a TIFF can result in file bloat to almost 300MB. If I can apply PhotoAI to my RAW files and get back a DNG, I know I’ll have a much smaller file. And I guess I can do that by right clicking an selecting Edit In (haven’t tried it but it sounds like I can), but that is too slow when I am talking dozens of files. I really need the batch workflow.


Me too, was just looking for an answer to this.!!

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Before working on new models or adding functionality, could you please make sure the application works?
The last releases (1.1.x) are indeed a good deal quicker and more responsive while refining masks and updating previews after zooming/panning than 1.0.10 but that is where my positivity ends.
I’m a new user since black Friday and already start to feel like a beta tester.

  • The sharpening shifts images ~3px down+right, but not the recovered faces.
  • The non-raw noise removal has 1 setting: on/off. The strength slider does nothing and the default strength is too high.
  • Lens correction (when opening .RAF raw file containing Fujifilm lens correction meta data) does nothing.
  • “subject only” toggle does not restrict sharpening to only the subject.
  • zooming using the scroll wheel does not centre on the cursor’s location but rather the current screen centre.
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Dumb brush selection tool

Hi, I don’t understand why is there an AI brush, for me it’s an oxymoron, the bush is here to fix / tame the AI, that’s user input, that’s the user creative control. It’s there when AI fails. so having an AI brush is completely the opposite of that’s needed.

The AI brush though improved is slow (cause you can’t brush large stroke), and it has a ming of its own which is very annoying to battle.

If you could at least explain us why there’s an AI brush, why did you create this, ands what’s AI about it, but to me it’s just make me want to quit the program and that’s why I often have to get back to topaze sharpen AI.

Your software is great, but to me that AI tool just gets in the way, and its kind of pretentious, it’s like s statement “the AI knows better than the human”, no it doesn’t.

Your software has to have an mind of it’s own, when its sucessfull. But when it isn’t it should be humble, and let human corrects it.

Otherwise this will be an AI that will be hour enemy, and a partner as it should, and therefor this software will fall in the gimmick work, unworthy for professional or expert users who just happen to be the market of ist, the only ones ables to gives 100$ arraound to a great tool.

So if you want to keep the AI brush for whatever unfathomable reason, fine, but if you want your software to thrive amongst teh users that drives your market, give us also a DUMB bush that works as an alpha mask, with opacity slide, applying the effect according to the transparency.


P.S : I think you photo AI should have as musch alpha channel as there’s tools :
One blue for noise removal, one green fort sharpening, one yellow for face recovery, and the red one for all.

P.S.2 : after painstakely masked what i want, i just noticed that the sharpening (motion blur) did not take any consideration for my mask and sharpened everything anyways. v1.1.1


Can please get enhance resolution to work from photoshop as well. Would really be very use full. Thanks

1000 likes for this! I (and many others) have been asking for manual brush since the first release (among other things, like FULL autopilot configuration)!


There needs to be a CROP added to Upscale.

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