Photo From Lightroom Won't Open in Photo AI

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Step 1 - Photo AI v 1.2.4 - issue existed in v 1.2.3 also. From File > Plug-In Extras > Process With Topaz Photo AI - Photo AI opens, but file does not load. Re-installed 1.2.3 yesterday, restarted computer - no change - Installed 1.2.4 today - behavior still the same.
  2. Step 2
    iMac System Report.spx (5.6 MB)
    2023-03-03-11-28-17.tzlog (2.1 KB)

Could you send the file to us so we can reproduce on our end? It’s possible this is caused by the file format.

I uploaded one of the files to Dropbox. The file is .ARW from Sony A7 IV. If I convert it to .DNG, it still does not open in Photo AI. Older Canon .CR2 and Sony A6500 files do open as described.

Thanks for sending the file and log. It looks like the file name is truncated when using the plugin which is causing the file to not load.

Could you send me the full file path for a file in this folder? It will look something like this.
“/Users/John/Lightroom/Lightroom Photos/2023/Viking Northern Lights/2023-02-21/DSC06606.ARW”

In particular, it seems like there is an odd character between Northern and Lights that is causing this bug.