Photo AI Vignettes DNGs from a Leica Q

Photo AI vignettes (if that is the right term) DNG files from a Leica Q. Also significantly distorts the image as you move from the centre to the edge of the frame. Does not occur with DNGs/NEFs from other cameras including a Leica 10-R. Occurs with/without lens corrections being applied. I’ve checked versions 1.2.4-1.2.9 and they all give the same results. Running on a MacBook Air (M2).

Hey @jeffrey.petzke, can you upload one of your Leica files for us to test? You should be able to attach it directly to this forum thread if its smaller than 65MB – if it’s larger feel free to use the link below.

Dropbox File Request

This is likely due to an issue with the built-in lens correction on this DNG file getting lost during processing.

To prevent the distortion, I recommend converting the DNG to a TIF and processing the TIF.

With Lightroom Classic you can easily do this using the Photo > Edit in > Topaz Photo AI workflow.

If you have an example file on hand please send it to Dropbox so we can look into fixing this.

You can securely submit your image(s) to my Dropbox using the link below.
Dropbox File Request