Photo AI Upgrade to 2.3.2

I downloaded the upgrade for Photo AI to 2.3.2. however, the export window now will not completely show the menu below Export Settings. The are that is cut off os the box where you can check or uncheck IMPROVE TOPAZ PHOTO AI. The box seems to be highlighted in blue, suggesting that it is checked but there is no way to see it or to confirm what my selection is. I CANNOT allow client images to be uploaded to Topaz so this needs to be unchecked, please.

Screenshot 2024-02-17 at 9.23.58 AM

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

You can uncheck it by going to Edit, preferences, privacy.

Once and a while if you use the program a lot the system will ask, simply cancelling will solve the issue. It comes up for me if I complete many images in one batch. Cancelling normally puts it to rest for a long time.

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This seems like a UI bug,

I would recommend reinstalling the installer from “My Products" page:

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