Photo AI recovers face perfectly, but nothing else on compressed model (and all) models

  1. I loaded the test image (original - no enlargement ) as is into photo AI.
  2. I did not change any settings - see screenshot for photo AI settings

As you can see from the photo AI interface, the right side is still jagged edges, however, the face is perfect - no jagged edges.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Step 1. load the original file supplied into photo AI
  2. Step 2 - change settings to match photo AI settings or do no change at all.
  3. Step 3 - review the image for clarity, notice the face is perfect.

Can you adjust the model to draw clear perfect lines and texture as in the face model with no jagged edges???

Thank you.
Specs: Mac book pro 2021 with M1 Max, max specs with latest OS update. Using latest Photo AI updates.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

test image original

The Photo AI updated version

original image

From your screenshot, it clearly shows that the original image has been enlarged before being imported into TPAI. The compression artifact in the image has been enlarged. That is why the AI model fails to remove those artifacts.

To fix the problem is easy, You just need to reduce the image dimension back to it original size.

Then TPAI will able to remove those compression artifact without problem.

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Hi, what AI settings did you use and what size did you reduce it to and from? Thank you. excellent job.

I reduced the source image size to 500x500px.
Then I use TPAI standard model and set “Fix Compression” to max.

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The quality of the starting image is important for upscale results. If the starting image quality is poor, then the output may be bad as well.

It is better to use a high quality smaller image than a low quality larger image.

@lhkjacky thank you for sharing the above information :slight_smile: