Photo AI loses location data on processing

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Photo AI manages to copy most Exif+IPTC data over from the original image to the saved processed image, but GPS location data is lost. I would be glad to have this fixed, which would save me manual work for every affected image every time.


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I have the same very annoying issue (GPS location lost)

  • Topaz Photo AI 1.2.1 as a Lightroom Classic 12.2 plugin (Camera Raw 15.2)
  • All is ok with Topaz Denoise
  • Pictures are coming from a Nikon Z9, high efficiency compressed raw

Topaz Photo AI Version 1.2.3 / Lightroom Classic 12.2 / MacOS Ventura 13.2.1

When transferring/editing a Canon .CR2 or .CR3 raw file from Lightroom to Topaz and then saving the file in Topaz the EXIF GPS data from is not written back into the .TIFF or DNG file

Seems like it was originally reported in '17… come on Topaz… Fix this bug…

Photo AI wasn’t around in 2017 and please do NOT duplicate posts, just add to the post or click vote.

Sorry… I meant that the bug was also present in Topaz Denoise AI way back in 2017

Hey @maik.mussal just want to provide an update on this – we’re aware of this one and still have it on our plate, still having some conflicts with image Metadata that we’re addressing!

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