Photo AI has completely stopped working

I’ve updated both LR Classic and Photo AI recently. Prior to this Photo AI worked fine.

I uninstalled Photo AI and resinstalled. I signed out of my account and then back in.

I’ve read elsewhere that 1.2.7 is problematic after the latest Mac OS update and that reinstalling 1.2.6 fixes the problem. Can you send a link for downloading 1.2.6 so I can give this a try.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. When I try Photo/Edit In method in LR nothing happens – the Browse or Drop Image screen appears but nothing is active.
  2. When I attempt the File/Plug-in Extras method in LR Photo AI opens but it gets stuck Authenticating.
  3. When I launch Photo AI stand alone, the Browse/Drop Image screen appears, I can browse to an image and select it but it does not load; also the screen cannot be dragged to the side so that I can attempt to drag images in from my desk top.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.2.7 on [Mac OS 13.2.1]

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Hi. Here’s the for Photo AI 1.2.6

Thank you. I reinstalled 1.2.6 and nothing is fixed. No joy. Any LR method I use opens Photo AI but does not generate any preview. None of the control buttons are active, though if hit the Save button (no indication it’s been hit is given) it does return a processed image to LR.

As in original description of issue, Photo AI stand-alone opens but to the Browse/Drop-image screen but nothing is active.

I can’t figure it out.

I appreciate any suggestions.


Ok, think I figured it out. By random chance I entered full screen mode using the File/Plug-in Extras method in LR and the preview appeared. I could not get out of full screen mode so I forced the program to close. When I re-opened, all views and functions are working as expected. I repeated in the LR Photo/Edit-in method and also for Photo AI stand-alone with the same successful results. Weird, but just happy it’s working.



Exactly the same issue here. The only way to fix it was to select “Full Screen” in Topaz once the window had opened. Irritating! :wink:

FYI, I waited for a few revs of updates to be released before trying again. The later updates seemed to have fixed the problem.

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