Photo AI Face Recovery Error/Crash


This is my first post and the first major issue I’ve had with any Topaz software.

Photo AI seems to be getting stuck while detecting or enhancing faces. I’ve tested multiple images with faces, and it happens 90% of the time. Closing the image or selecting a new one doesn’t solve the problem and continues to display “Applying Faces”. The only way to fix it is to restart Photo AI.

On other occasions, Photo AI completely crashes when processing faces (closes down with no error message).

I have no issues once I turn off “Face Detection” in the Autopilot settings; I have processed and saved 60+ images with no errors.

I included a screenshot and outlined the areas where I am getting stuck.

I am updated to the latest version - 1.2.1

Any help would be appreciated!

Please follow the instruction here for reporting a bug.


Hey there @cwatson84-592111,

If you can follow up with your log files as well as your system profile we can take a look into this further.


Hi Preston, I believe this is ongoing issue where the face is the only item in the image it has problems.

I have the same problem after last Topaz Photo AI update. After detecting faces and then applying faces, notting happens. After i while I have to quit Topaz, but it won’t quit propperly so I then have to force quit the program.
I have tried many photographies with one, two or more faces and it happens every time. I de installed the program and re installed the program, but it won’t work.
I need a solution or just stop using this program in the future.

You need to provide the logs, it is more than likely some conflict on your pc.