Photo AI crashes just after startup

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Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Step 1 Start Photo AI
  2. Step 2 Bring in a photo (either drag-drop or using the menu to search)
  3. Step 3 The edit screen comes up and then immediately crashes.

Tried this with multiple windows

Two updates back never crashed.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.3.7] on [Windows], Just updated to correct the last update crashing.

Hi there! Please be sure to include your computer’s system profile and your logs from Topaz Photo AI so we can troubleshoot. You can gather your log files from the app by first recreating this behavior within the app, and then going to Help > Open Log Folder. Upload all of these log files to this thread and we can review them.

How to Obtain Your System Profile (Windows)

How To Obtain Your System Profile (Mac)


Tried it on the same file and it didn’t crash.

Tried it on another file and it crashed during the “denoise”. Loaded the file again and it worked. The DeNoise section defaulted to “Normal V2”.

But when I attempted to save it, I got this… “Error: Could not run model” (see screen pasted below).

Regardless of what’s causing the crash, there appears to be an issue in DeNoise V2. I will run the image again but select the “old Normal” and see what happens.

Suggestion: a beta-testing group among your user community.




Also see the attached note below.

So, as I said, I ran “Remove Noise” and selected “Normal”, not V2. You have an issue there too. I suspect the latest update has issues, perhaps in the packaging.

Here’s the screen, which says, “Could not run model”.




I have “uninstalled” Photo AI and am not in the process of reinstalling, in case the last update process left some components behind.




I reinstalled and it crashed during the noise removal process.

The file size is 874K.

I haven’t tried it on my other machine (“wanderer”).



Please open Topaz Photo AI, go to the menu bar on the top and click the Help > Open Log Folder menu option. Email me all the logs files that you can see in the window that opens.
Log Folder

I should be able to determine what is happening and send next steps with this information.

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