Photo AI 3.0 shifts color of .dng pictures to greenish tint

When I open a .dng file, created from Sony RAW, with Topaz Photo AI, the colors of the picture are adulterated to a greenish tint by applying some enhancement, e.g. the mandatory RAW denoise. This easily can be verified by pressing the “Show Original” button. This is true for RAWs from Sony Nex 5N, A7, A7 II, A7R, A7S and A99 II (These are all models I have pictures from).

Steps to reproduce issue:

Create a . dng file from a Sony RAW
Open it in Photo AI
Check original view

Topaz Photo AI v3.0.1 on Windows

Would you mind sending in some more information to get a better understanding of the problem you are having with this particular type of image? Please send the following information:

  1. The original image file.
  2. The processed image.
  3. A screenshot or description of the settings panel so I can see what adjustments were turned on.

You can securely submit your image(s) to my Dropbox using the link below.

Dropbox File Request

Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.

Hi John, thanks for your reply. I sent you three pictures:

  1. The unprocessed .dng
  2. The .dng processed with Topaz default denoise only and exported as .dng again
  3. The denoise settings (is this what you wanted?)

Simply open the original picture in Topaz Photo Ai, wait until the preview has been created and then toggle between original and processed view by clicking into the picture.
This problem is not some possible display error of Topaz but the color changes are persistent after export and screw up my color adjustments in Lightroom for instance.

I’ve seen that you have received some similar issue recently (Unpleasant Tone Change when Using Topaz Photo AI 3.0 Plug In)

Please fix this becaus this color shift makes Topaz barely usable for me.

Can you confirm if you are using Topaz Photo AI as a standalone application or as a plugin for Lightroom?

If you are using the Lightroom plugin, please be sure to include which plugin you are using from the list below:

  • File > Plug-in Extras > Process with Topaz Photo
  • Photo > Edit in > Topaz Photo AI

Dear John,
I’m using the standalone application. My workflow is:

  1. Open and process raw files in DxO PhotoLab
  2. Export the processed raw files as .dng
  3. Open and process (if needed, mostly sharpening) some of the .dng files in Topaz Photo AI standalone application (this is where the color shift is happening) and export them after processing as .dng again
  4. Open the .dng files in Lightroom or Photoshop and do some more processing

I have been working with the image you sent in and have not been able to replicate this color shift on my machine. Would you mind sending me your system profile information so I can check if your computer hardware is up to date?

You can securely submit your files(s) to my Dropbox from the post above.

Please be sure to send me a note here to let me know you sent something.

Hi John, so you say that when you open DSC02059Original martin.rupprecht.dng in Topaz AI and, after the default denoising, click into the picture, you can’t see any color shift?
Well, that’s discouraging. By the way, when I open a Sony RAW directly in Photo AI, there seems to be no color shift, so the problem seems to have to do with .dng files.
I have attached the DxDiag file.

DxDiag.txt (136 KB)

Thanks for sending in that information.

I want to see if updating your GPU driver will resolve the problem, as there is a more up-to-date driver that has been released.

Please use the following link to update your driver: NVIDIA | GeForce GTX 1080 | Driver Update

After the update, let me know if you are still experiencing the problem.

Hi John,
I’ve installed the driver and the problem is still there.
I have uploaded the file DxO_Topaz_Screen martin.rupprecht.png which shows the original .dng at the left side and the same .dng processed in Topaz AI and exported as .dng again at the right side.
If you can’t see the different tint of the pictures than maybe your monitor is damaged.