Photo AI 2.4.0 unstable

Photo AI 2.4.0 keeps crashing when trying to process relatively simple files. Logs and target image attached for the lastest crashes.

I have made several attempts to process this file under 2.4.0, using both Noise Removal with & without Sharpen, it crashes every time. The file processes first time no problems on my laptop using 2.3.2.

2024-03-08-06-42-59.tzlog (101.0 KB)
2024-03-08-07-19-43.tzlog (193.6 KB)

Topaz Photo AI v2.4.0 on Windows

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It’s definitely 2.4.0, not my system. I have uninstalled 2.4.0 and re-installed 2.3.2. Image processed perfectly first time.

I ran your image on a plain jane Mac M1 w/16G ram with no issues… I even ran autopilot with all options selected…

That suggests that the bug in 2.4.0 is Windows-specific.

Or more likely, specific to your Windows configuration, since it’s fairly obvious other Windows users aren’t generally having the issue you reported. You need to open a support tiicket on the Topaz main web site…

We can’t tell for sure unless we collect data of a large study with maybe 1000 participants. 2.4.0 tends to crash occesionally on easy tasks on my machine too where preview versions ran perfectly fine. I sent my crash logs already before of course.

I see a lot of “it crashes” on the forum, but I almost never ever see when/if it ever gets resolved… unless someone posts in the threads that they “Uninstalled Topaz totally, and re-installed” in the few cases that report back… Many are “first time” posters and never come back to close/resolve the threads they start…

I am sorry to say that a lot of the people who post rants about how unstable or slow this version seem to be a bit dim. First, they never look at previous posts to find out how to downgrade and, 2nd, they rarely post details of their hardware and OS. Many of the problems seem to be system specific.
I am on an M1 Mac and v2.4.0 has been working just fine for me and I am happy with the interface, which I find clear and clean. It does need a bt of tweaking but I personally see no need to downgrade.

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I agree… followup posts to problems are not the norm here… Sometimes I just shake my head at the rants…

I am staggered by the arrogance and unhelpfulness of this reply. I have clearly indicated that I am on Windows so “it works OK on Mac” is irrelevant, and I have specifically posted details of comparative tests on a second machine and having downgraded on my primary machine. If you’re not actually going to help, suggest it is more helpful to stay silent. Thanks

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Apologies. That reply was not intended for you, since you have posted logs etc. You have not had a reply from anyone at Topaz here yet (it is the weekend after all) so I suggest you raise a support ticket at the main site. Not all Windows users are experiencing issues either, so the problems could be machine or driver specific. Let’s hope the next version will work for you. Otherwise, you can try downgrading to an earlier version.

Thanks Ray. I have raised a support ticket and hopefully Topaz will get back soon. I am fine with 2.3.2 in the interim, but I’d just like an assurance that some of the stability issues have been addressed before I upgrade again.

Thanks for reaching out to us on the Topaz Labs | Support Page.

We are currently investigating this issue you are reporting.

Mac M1 2020 running Sonoma 14.2.1. 16GB. I’ve downloaded Photo AI 2.4.0 demo (I have TPNoise AI and am considering an upgrade) and it crashes every time I try to load a 24mb NEF file.

First, try 2.4.1, which has just been released. If you are still experiencing problems, upload a NEF file here to see if your crashes can be duplicated. I have a M1 Mac mini with 16GB Ram. How much RAM do you have? No issues with ARW files.
If you only want denoising, then there are alternatives. On1 is about to release a major upgrade of its NoNoiseAI and DxO has just released PureRaw 4, which is the market leader.