Photo AI 1.3.7 -- Issues with 20-series Nvidia

I have an RTX2080 graphics card … I have just installed the new update … the Topaz Photo AI will not run the model to remove noise with my graphics card … it works when I change to CPU preference …
I tried reinstalling and it made no difference
I am unhappy with this as I have used the software successfully for many months using the Graphics card…

I’m working with the development team to diagnose this on my RTX 2070 Super. Posting you log file would be helpful.

Please include your log files – You can gather your log files from the app by first recreating this behavior within the app, and then going to Help > Open Log Folder. Upload all of these log files to this thread and we can review them.

Thank you!

this may sound like a silly question… but where can you change those settings? I know in Sharpen AI it is in preferences… But I cannot seem to find any settings anywhere that allows me to change from CPU to GPU. I know it uses GPU in my case because the sharpening is super quick.

This will be under Edit > Preferences > General :smiley:

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