Photo AI 1.3.3 odd faces apearing once importing back to Lightroom classic after using face recovery

After using face recovery and importing photo back to Lightroom classic, 2 people have different faces but is absolutely fine in photoAI. only happens when using face recovery.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. select photo in Lightroom classic.
  2. importing the raw (DNG) into photo AI using: File - Plug in extras - Topaz Photo AI
  3. used autopilot only altering which faces have face recovery applied and adjusting the mask as required. (picture looks absolutely fine at this point)
  4. saving and importing back to Lightroom.
  5. once imported back to Lightroom the 2 faces which has face recovery applied to them now have the same white face over them. (see screenshot)

Topaz Photo AI [v1.3.3] on [Mac] (M1 Pro)
Adobe Lightroom Classic v12.3

Are you able to constantly reproduce this issue with this image?

We have a new update to Topaz Photo AI coming in a few hours. Could you see if it happens there as well?

hi, its not just that image, any image I’m using face recovery on its happening. I tried it with various images all the same result, looks fine in topaz as soon as the photo is returned to lightroom the faces appear.

Is this happening with the updated v1.3.4 version?

I would recommend reinstalling to check if that changes anything. The model file could be corrupted.

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