Personal Account Issues

I tried to purchase the upgrade to version 2.3.1, but I don’t see a PayPal payment option. There’s only a credit card option. Am I missing something? So far I’ve always paid with PayPal for all my Topaz products. Was PayPal removed recently?

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Please raise a support request, this is a user to user forum.

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Ok, thanks.

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I have the same issue with buying a one year extension for the free upgrades and updates advertised GigaPixel at the time of purchase and can not find the PayPal option. I rised a support ticket.

as i know is that the paypal option is very small and on the right lower side.


Please don’t post personal items about your account and payments, raise a support request at the main website.

What, even Eric from Topaz made certain announcements about payments and updates/upgrades in the “user for user only forum” back then. :grimacing:

I pointed out that this is not the place to show details of your personal account, no one here has any idea how to fix your issue with PayPal, talk to support.

AiDon there were absolutely no personal details of me or my account shown in the screenshot. The only things shown were when my free life time upgrade and upgrades expired, that is today and the totally valid offer for a one year extension made by Topaz themself. I also already mentioned that I did call help from the support of course. :roll_eyes: