Performance when using After Effects plugin

I am using Premiere Pro 24 and After Effects 24 on Windows 11, 13900K, 64GB, RTX3080.

To improve workflow, rather than using the Topaz app to pre-render entire video files I am doing the following:

  1. Assemble timeline in Premiere with a number of clips cut from larger video files, some of which need enhancement with topaz.
  2. When assembly is done, the clips requiring enhancement have “replace with after effects composition”
  3. In after effects the Topaz effect is applied and renders. If I “Render Selection” in premiere then the enhanced clip shows correctly so the process is working.

This allows me to enhance exactly the frames needed without messing around with swapping out files or cutting up clips in Topaz which is pretty clunky, but what is happening is that the after effects rendering is occurring constantly, whenever I play time timeline or export it seems that AE is having topaz render again.

I was hoping that once clips had been enhanced then there would be no further processing unless something changed about the clip, but even after the clips are all enhanced in AE it takes Premiere hours to render. Is there some limitation with being a plugin causing processing every time Premiere needs frames from After Effects?

As part of this process, are you using After Effects’ “Pre-render” option?


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