Parts of image is getting blurry

I am using both PC and MAC and the problem is the same on both. When I am sending an image from Lightroom to Photo AI using Plug-In Extra I very often find that detailed parts of the image is kind of smeared out or blurry, this should be easily seen in the three screenshots. Photo AI is set to only reduce noise on autopilot but even if all settings are reduce to minimum, nothing changes. I have tried to use manual sharpening but it has no effect. Using Edit In from Lightroom gives a better result and using Photoshop gives a perfect result.

There are no adjustments made in Lightroom other than setting sharpening and noise reduction to 0 (zero).

The attached screenshots will probably show my problem.

I didn’t attached a screenshot of the dark part of the skies but that area has an excellent noise reduction.



I too have found this to happens on smaller delicate structures especially with red colors softening greatly as soon as I enable noise reduction (even at the lowest levels of NR) it just had to enabled in PhotoAI to see the smear effect. I cant wait to see how this resolves… I submitted my image to the team but I didn’t spend the time to do all the screen shots like you. fingers crossed.

This might not be an easy or quick fix, but we’ll look into it. Can you send us the original image so we can reproduce on our end?

If you have this ARW file on hand, please send it to my Dropbox so we can test it. You can securely submit your image(s) to my Dropbox using the link below.
Dropbox File Request

If you have more examples, that would be great. We will be improving the Raw Remove Noise models to handle details better.

Same issue for me. Doesn’t matter what settings I use.

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If you want to retain the most detail when upscaling the image, I recommend using the High Fidelity model for Enhance Resolution.

It looks like the starting image has texture due to low quality. When upscaling with Topaz Photo AI, some of that texture is removed with Enhance Resolution to smooth the image and increase the quality.

What outcome are you looking to achieve?

Regardless of the model (Standard, High Fidelity, Graphics, Low Resolution), the same issue happens. Blurry or sharp spots appear seemingly randomly. Images were reduced in quality when I uploaded them, thus making it very hard to see the difference. The original images are from Midjourney in PNG format and have no flaws. The texture of the face is the same all over. These issues did not happen before with the natural model that is now removed. Seems like all existing models have an issue with focal depth, thus suddenly sharpening or blurring the image. Maybe the old natural model handled this differently? Would it be possible to implement the natural model again?

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I am having this issue also where it is just blurring out portions of images that otherwise had not been blurry. This is happening with regular photographs and line art drawings, super frustrating

I just noticed it seems to be when the face recovery box is ticked that it blurs other parts of the image

That’s not the same issue as I have. Face recovery rarely works beneficially when resolution of the face is not very low. You instead get blurriness like a beauty filter where colors are added even outside the face in the subject detection box.

@ellopoppetbeauty this is a known issue with face recovery that we will be working on when we update the AI model soon.

@rickard.remelin could you share more examples with before and after? do you notice which AI filters seem to be causing this issue? You can securely submit your image(s) to my Dropbox using the link below. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.
Dropbox File Request

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