Output from Photo AI is rounded at all corners. Looks like fisheye lens

Output from Photo AI is rounded at all corners. Looks like a fisheye

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Drop a folder containing all RAW DNG photos onto Photo AI
  2. Add enhancements: Adjust lighting, Balance Color, Sharpen, and Face recovery to All Selected Images
  3. Export images as jpeg

All exported images have the same issue

DSC01770.dng (24.4 MB)

Topaz Photo AI [3.0.2] on [Windows/Mac]

That’s what the image from the camera looks like without lens correction.

The file states the original raw comes from a Sony RX100 vii, and that particular model doesn’t seem to be supported in Lensfun (the third-party lens correction library) at the moment.

Ok, so RAW processing is not supported for this camera. Too bad, the camera has been around for several years. Time enough to be added.
BTW, thanks for your response :smiley:

Raw processing is supported, but not lens correction (LibRaw is the third party raw processing library used by Topaz). I believe there is a process by which lens support can be added to Lensfun by contributors. It might be fairly easy to add, as previous versions of the camera are supported, but I don’t know how different the lenses are.

did you get a simultaneous picture if you also did a jpg/raw, I also have that camera and have not seen this effect ever, actually looks like an over-scan from the lens opening on the housing as if it didn’t go out far enough when it got turned on.

Sorry, I did not shoot a RAW\JPEG combo. I also have a Canon with a Tamron zoom and the photos will look like that when on full zoom and the lens hood is on. However, that’s not the case here. As others have stated, it is attributed to a lens correction not being applied. The problem appears when dropping a file on Topaz Photo AI but does not occur when using Edit Topaz Photo AI from LRC or Photoshop. I assume these two already apply a lens correction.

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Thanks. But because I have that program and haven’t seen it I was trying to consider a different set of options like, did a jpg function actually trim it slightly so I haven experienced it. except a Tamron lens hood I had on when doing 35mm film for me also. Everything is a learning curve and I bet you do as I do learn by failure. Lol

Since this current lens is not supported it would be recommended using the Lightroom Classic plugin as that application will be able to apply the appropriate lens correction for that image.