Output file from Photo AI is pink when I use the plug In Extra method

When I used the plugin Extra option to edit with Photo AI from Lightroom Classic, the output/edited file looks pink/purple.

This doesn’t happen when I use ‘Edit In Photo AI’ option.

Is there a reason for this, i.e. is this user error?

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Nice of you to take the blame.

Seriously though this is a camera profile issue, so when you use the plugin Extras option you are exporting and returning a RAW file to Lightroom.

When you use Edit In on the other hand, you are converting your RAW file to a TIFF file with Lightroom adjustments already applied (think of this as a snapshot or merged file) so, your image will look the same.

Topaz are aware of this problem and are currently updating their camera profiles to rectify this issue, it maybe the case they haven’t updated your particular profile at this time.

Hope this helps

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This does help, thanks.

Am a little surprised that my profile (Canon 6D Mkii) isn’t part of the current version as this is a common camera.

That being said, I convert to TIFF after my LRC edits, so confirm that those edits will remain when I return the file in my current ‘Edit In’ approach?

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You will need to raise a support request as this usually means the DNG that is returned to LR has issues. The Plugin Extra creates a DNG (NOT a RAW) and sends it to Photo AI where it is processed and updated on return.

Following up here, @andrewlankester and @AiDon are both correct.

The white balance in the output file is incorrect. I received the file from @tuscanie.ngwena and reproduced the issue, then created a task for the developers to fix this issue.

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