Out of Memory error on preview - Mac ver 4.2.1

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  1. Out of memory error while generating 1s preview with slow motion (Aion)

  2. MacBook Pro M3 Max 36GB

  3. Tried lowering application memory from 100 to 90 in topaz prefs but did not help. No sign of memory pressure in Mac Activity Monitor.
    logsForSupport.zip (247.3 KB)

  4. If I Export instead of preview, a Resolve Errors box pops up. I click on the resolve error button and export starts.

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Looks like running multiple filters on the export is overtaxing your memory in the system. I would suggest running them one at a time, especially AION which is heavy on the memory usage.

I would agree except Export works. It’s the Preview which fails. During preview I don’t see any memory pressure, but I do see more during export.

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