Opening a file with Topaz AI Disconnects network storage drives

Every time I open a file from a network storage drive on my Mac (OS Ventura 13.6.6) my network drives are all disconnected. Every. Single. Time.

Nothing else does this and I can work with the network drives connected for days but as soon as Topaz Photo AI tries to open and analyze an image from the network drive - POOF! - all network drives are gone. This happened in the prior version as well.

Right-click on a photo and choose to open with Topaz Photo AI.

Topaz launches and starts reading file.

Network drives are disconnected. Spinning beach ball of death in Topaz.

Several minutes later I am notified the file does not exist. Click OK and Topaz closes.

Go back to Finder and click the folder and the networks drives reconnect.

I have log files to share but am unsure how to attach them to a post here.

Topaz Photo 2.4.1 and also prior versions. Mac Studio, 64GB Ram, 4TB SSD. macOS 13.6.6 Ventura.

Please follow the instructions below to perform a clean install to better troubleshoot why you had this problem with Topaz Photo AI:

Start by clearing any previous plist files that are on your computer for Topaz Photo AI by following the steps in the link below:

Topaz Photo AI | plist Files Mac

After you have done this, disable any antivirus, firewall, VPN, or proxy software that might be active on your computer. These tools are sometimes known to interfere with the installer’s ability to download the model files.

Please also ensure that the Topaz Photo AI installer has all the proper settings in your system by going to your Mac System Settings > Privacy & Security tab and scrolling down to the security section. You will want to make sure you have 'App Store and identified developers ’ selected. Here is a video example:

Example of Proper System Preferences

Finally, rerun the installer. You can download a new installer from the downloads page directly :

Topaz Labs Download Page

Let me know how that goes for you and I’ll keep an eye out for your reply.

I followed the instructions. I found 3 Topaz PhotoAI PList files. Removed all 3. Rebooted.

Installed the latest version of TPAI from the download link.

Opened a .CR3 Canon Raw file from my Synology NAS. I was prompted to re-register so I did that hullabaloo. File opened and NAS stayed connected.

Closed TopazPhotoAI and attempted to open a DNG file.


NAS was disconnected and file could not be found error.

Attempted the DNG a second time and it worked.

Subsequent attempts at opening appear to be working.

I’m still concerned that the NAS was disconnected exactly when that file was opened. Had been connected all day up until that second.

Are you using Topaz Photo AI as a standalone application or as a plugin? I have done some research and have found some information about the Synology NAS having some issues with Topaz Photo AI, but I want to confirm this issue is related depending on your workflow.

I am using it both as standalone and as a plug-in for Lightroom Classic.

Both usages were causing the same problem.

Thanks for your reply with that information. We’ve had a few users report this issue with the Lightroom Classic workflow on Synology and QNAP NAS systems.

The fix is to use SMB for file sharing only, disabling AFP for the NAS. This will allow the TIF file from Lightroom Classic to be transferred correctly to Topaz Photo AI.

Please follow the instructions here to find the AFP setting and then disable it.

Make sure that the NAS is connected to your computer using SMB, not AFP, and restart the NAS after changing the setting. Then try opening files in Topaz Photo AI and it should work.