One big problem with Topaz AI behavior on errors


I would like to share my bad experience when it comes to error handling by your program so this will not be in accordance to your bug reporting template.

First scenario:

I ran rendering of a movie and after three days of rendering it errored out (after reaching 100%) due to insufficient disk space and deleted the rendered temp file without giving any time to release some space and retry the writing.

Second scenario:

I ran Apollo Fast on a movie, model downloaded fine so I disconnected my network and I’ve heard my computer running hot for couple hours before I slept, in the morning I see “ai error” - I click on it and it tells that there was trouble downloading model - of course the couple hour work is now deleted with no possibility to resume.

Please add some checkpoints / resume capability because this is unacceptable behavior for a software, especially for a software with very long computing times.


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