Oh Oh Photo AI new requirws Mac OS 11 - Catalina no longer accepted

TOPAZ - You caught us
We just automatically upgraded to Photo AI V 1.4 and it won’t open.

Yup we know what happened -
you made Mac OS 11 a requirement and we only go to 10.15.7
I guess - for us, this now means the halt of a very long and very happy Topaz relationship.

Where do we find a previous version (1.3) to reinstall over the 1.4 so we can once again use our Photo AI version?

Gord Domm

Hi, here’s a link for 1.3


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Sorry about this, I forgot to mention this in the main thread but did update it shortly after release that 1.4.0 requires Big Sur or newer. The in-app updates should also not show people on 10.15 the update to avoid this situation, however it seems like we forgot to limit the installers themselves to prevent installation on 10.15 which we’re working on now.

This is another case, similar to when we dropped support for Windows 7/8 and MacOS 10.13/14, where a required update forces us to update our own minimum version. In this case, supporting Z8/Z9 High Efficiency compression requires Big Sur or higher.

We will be silently updating the 1.4.0 installers to prevent opening on 10.15 to avoid a full installation being required before figuring out it’s not compatible.

The v1.4 update email I received from Topaz on 7/7/23 says “Compatible with MacOS 10.15 Catalina and above”. I have 10.15.7. After running the update it says “The software was successfully installed”, but the Continue button remains greyed out. If I try to open Topaz Photo AI it says “not compatible with this software”. What am I to do?

This was an error because I didn’t clearly communicate this internally. It should be fixed for subsequent releases.

If you are on 10.15 you have to stay on 1.3.12 as the newest version because 1.4.0 requires 11.0 or higher. You can download the older installers from the 1.3.12 thread here.

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