Nyx doesn't work beyond 4K

When I launch the improvement via Nyx on a file or an upsacle greater than 4K (4096*2160) nothing happens.

Only Proteus works for 6-8K

Wasn’t Nyx originally made to work only with full HD and with no upscaling? :eyes:

I used Nyx recently on a 1080p quality file (with quite a bit of noise) for an upscale to 4K and the result was truly fabulous.

I tried again this time with a 4K file from the same Pro camera (X-H2S), a scene captured under the same conditions and almost nothing happens with all the AI available. Just a little less noise but nothing more. This is equivalent to what you can find in any editing software.

Really disappointed that the AI doesn’t behave as effectively with files captured in 4K as in 1080p.

And for any output higher than 4K DCI a lot of AI doesn’t work at all (including Nyx)

We can feel the AI working on 1080p files but on 4K it’s as if it just removed the noise more or less depending on the AI chosen. But in no case will the information in the image be restored, I hope it will move.