NVIDIA Drivers Crashes & Issues

On other products unrelated to Topaz we are having issues with the stability of NVIDIA drivers and their rendering.

The last stable driver we see is the NVIDIA Studio Driver Version: 442.92 - Release Date: Thu Apr 16, 2020

This is for all series so you may want to revert if you are having issues with sudden crashes when using the latest NVIDIA drivers.

NOTE that I have done minimal testing with GigaPixel, Sharpen and DeNoise and are having no issues with crashes or artifacting using the GPU

If someone has the time and has a RTX series where the latest drivers a causing problems could you please test this driver to see if there is a difference … if you are a gamer there is the same version Game ready driver. Please then report back in this thread.

No problems here, but I do have another data point on the issue. I’m using the newer 452.06 game ready driver, but with everything removed out of the driver package except for:

  • Core Driver files
  • PhysX
  • HD Audio
  • Key RTX features

Guru3D Nvidia Geforce Drivers Section

Perhaps the current Topaz problem actually lies with one of Nvidia’s extraneous support files like GeForce Experience, or their User Data Telemetry System, and that’s why I’m not seeing any issues?

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Thanks for that, I tried both ways installing the whole package and then uninstalling the GeForce Experience and then installing the driver only package but that didn’t make a difference with the 10 series for notebook.

But I am pleased that it works for your RTX by installing the driver only package so it may be there is a partial solution. You may be right as it could be the overlays that NVIDIA uses in the later drivers.

Thinking about the newer driver functions that might be making things unstable, I do not have Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling turned on. I can’t image that would be the reason as Windows defaults that to off.

I’m not sure Andy but I do know overlays are turned on by GeForce such as Shadow Play and Screen capture along with other game related enhancements, but these are not there in the Studio Driver … or, at least, don’t show.

You may be on the right track though I will take a look through MSI Afterburner and see if I can identify anything else that may have conflicts.

My RTX 2700 crashed some time ago when I was using Photoshop … safe to say, as I do not have a secondary GPU on the motherboard … it had to go back to the shop. It was a GPU problem alright … just unsure as to whether hard- or software related.

Using 451.48 and is very stable … just updating to 452.06 as I type … !

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