Not saving when used as plugin to Photoshop Beta

I am using the latest update of Topaz (as a filter/plugin) with the latest Photoshop Beta on a Mac using OS Ventura. Until the latest update, you went through that Topaz process and it worked fine. Since updating Topaz, the process just sticks at ‘Saving’. I can get around it by using Topaz as a standalone app but it is supposed to work within Photoshop. Any ideas please?

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I am having the same problem but I am using the latest Photoshop not Beta

I have the same issue wit the Affinity Photo plugin

I figured out it enlarges by default , you have to turn off enlargement for it to save when using the ps filter!

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Many thanks for that Kevin although that isn’t working for me. I normally do want to enhance/enlarge it though.

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Same problem with Elements 23 on windows 10. Will try switching off Enlarging file.
Hope a Update sorting the problem comes soon!

@loseby.paul @jevansx We’re working on a permanent in-app solution.

If you want to upscale in the meantime, please process the image in Photo AI as a standalone rather than using it as a plugin. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we get this fixed for you.

Please update to the latest version of Topaz Photo AI and this is fixed.

Just done that again, and it isn’t fixed. It still says ‘Resizing is not supported in Adobe Photoshop plugin’.

That is correct, the solution above says that and says to process the upscale using Photo AI as a standalone and not plug-in when upscaling.

We are working on an upscaling plugin for Photoshop. The Filter plugin does not have the functionality for upscaling.

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