No space left

It runs for like 36 hours & then stops with the error message “no space left”, yet there is plenty of hard drive space so aside from being disheartening it has wasted about 4 days worth of rendering time. I had restarted & no programs (aside from start-up junk) is running. I also changed the hard drive to where I’m saving it. Thanks!

System profile:
Mac mini 060924.spx (9.5 MB)
Video AI logs: (1.9 MB)

The logs you shared are from Feb and earlier. Can you confirm that Logging is turned on in this version of the app and try to recreate issue?

The default temp folder location is now shared with the workspaces folder and usually is located on the main boot drive which could be out of space or is being seen as out of space based on the estimated size of the export file.

I did have logging turned off so here is the latest log with the figure. Is there a way to put the temp folder on an external hard drive even though my boot drive has plenty of space? Thanks (1.9 MB)