No real Metal/GPU render on Macs with GPU (max 9% GPU)

I use Video AI for about one year, on Mac Intel with GPU and renders are incredibly slow with very low usage of CPU or GPU (usage stats are monitored with iStat Menus and Activity Monitor):

  • Video AI v3.4.3
  • Mac 1 - MacBookPro i9/2.4Ghz - 64 Gb RAM - Radeon 5500M / 8 Gb Vram - MacOS Monterey 12.6.7
  • Mac 2 - MacPro 5.1 Bi Xeon 3.33 Ghz - 128 Gb RAM - Radeon RX6600XT / 8 Gb Vram - MacOS Monterey 12.6.7
  • Mac 3 - MacPro 5.1 Bi Xeon 3.33 Ghz - 128 Gb RAM - Radeon RX580 / 8 Gb Vram - MacOS Monterey 12.6.7

All the softwares I use who need GPU and Metal for renders work perfectly (graphs show clarely the GPU usage) : Blender (Cycle or EEVEE) ; Final Cut Pro ; Apple Motion ; Affinity Suite …

My GPUs are detected and selected in Video AI preferences, the software fill the Vram but GPU never exeed the 9% of use (!) ; never mind the render operation.

What’s I have to do to obtain a real GPU compute ?

OK ! After a new check, I understand what is the problem … The reality is that Video AI is not able to switch to the GPU selected in his preferences !!!
On this test, the GPU selected in preferences is the Radeon 5500M but the software use the GPU integrated in the i9 (the UHD Graphics 630) … It’s a very big issue …


Could I take a look at the app’s log files to see what is causing the error in Video AI?

To gather logs, please select Help > Logging and make sure that there is a check mark next to File Logging. Next, recreate the issue and then return to the Help menu and select > Get Logs for Support and attach the “logsForSupport.tar.gz” file to your reply.

Hi Tony,
Thanks to pay attention to this issue.
After a reboot of the MacBookPro (5500M), it works.
But it don’t work on the MacPro5.1 with RX6600XT (I can’t re-test on the MacPro5.1 with the RX580 because it works on a big render).

Screenshot of the MacPro5.1/RX6600XT with exactly the same file and the same process I used on the MacBookPro/5500M.

Here is the logs of yesterday and today processes of the MBP and the MP : (29.6 KB) (16.0 KB) (38.6 KB)

Thanks for your help.

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