No forum for DeNoise 3.7

I am not sure what is happening here. A few days ago I responded to a post on the forum for 3.7.0. But since then I am no longer seeing that forum on my web browser. Since this is the most recent version of DNAI it ought to be there. Is anyone else not seeing it?
I am on Mac Ventura 13.2, and using Safari. I cleared cookies and logged in afresh.

I see it. DeNoise 3.7.0

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V strange. When I click on your link I am taken to it, but when I click back to the Product Releases page, again, it doesn’t show, either in the list or recent posts:

It’s there using Safari.

If you select " :no_bell: Muted" , the Topic will be hidden in the forum list.
You can change it back to Normal or Tracking, the Topic will reappear again.

You can click the link below to find all your Muted / Hiden Topic.

Thank you. Clicking on the link does indeed take me to the thread, so it does appear to have been muted. No idea how.
However, when I click on the bell icon to change the thread for DeNoise AII in its entirety to Tracking it still does not add 3.7.0 back in. Maybe I am doing something wrong. There is no bell icon on the thread itself.

You need to change the bell icon within the Topic “DeNoise 3.7” not the one in DeNoise AI Category.

The Bell Icon is at the right hand side below the timeline.


For small screen, you can find the Bell icon at the bottom of the thread.


Hurrah. I found it. Thanks for your patience.