No audio in Topaz Video AI

When I played a video in Topaz Video AI, an export video or preview video, It has no audio heard
Almost Everyone has this problem
Here are the log files
2023-08-19-18-07-47-Main.tzlog (13.5 KB)
2023-08-19-18-08-1-Main.tzlog (21.5 KB)

2023-08-22-16-06-18-Main.tzlog (17.0 KB)
2023-08-19-18-30-56-Main.tzlog (20.6 KB)

2023-08-22-16-06-24-Main.tzlog (21.1 KB)

Could I see the settings that you have selected in the output panel? You will probably need to select “Convert” from the menu for audio options.


any update on how to fix this? I just bought and installed the program but came across this inconvenience. Makes the “unboxing” experience a pain tbh.

No I don’t

@massimo.pappalardo12 @fabrizio.valerga

Hello, could you send us a note at so that our team could take a closer look at these bugs? Thanks!